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Total Overdose Game Name: Total Overdose ps2 cheats
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Rating: ? (Suitable for persons age ? or older)

Activate the Cheating Mode
Make following handling during the play: maintain inserted L1+L2+L3+R1+R2+R3 in order to open the Cheating Mode.
R1, R2, L2, X. Maximum of Rewindings
Triangle, L1, R2, Square. To free all the Weapons
O, O, L2, R2. All the Loco Moves
X, Square, O, Triangle Maximum health

Spawn a plane
while the game is paused L2,O,L1,R2,O,O,R3 Spawn a plane

Unlimited ammunition

To get unlimited ammunition for the following weapons, you must collect the indicated number of weapon icons scattered around the city.

Unlockable: Condition:
Unlimited grenades 60
Unlimited hand gun ammunition 70
Unlimited sawn-off shotgun ammunition 80
Unlimited grenade launcher ammunition 90
Unlimited rocket launcher ammunition 100


Game Unlockables

Total Overdose Unlockables:

Unlockable: Condition:
Stamina upgrade You get a stamina (adrenalin) upgrade every 10 stamina icons you collect.
Inifinite Swan Off Shotgun ammo Collect 70 gun icons.
Infinite Pistol ammo Collect 60 gun icons.
Infinite rockets Collect all 100 gun icons.
Inifinite ammo for grenade launcher Collect 90 gun icons.
Infinite Grenades Collect 80 gun icons.
Health upgrades Collect ten health icons to upgrade your total health. This can be repeated.
Dual pistols upgrade Collect ten weapon icons.
Mission select Complete all game missions to replay any mission of your choice.
Sawn-off shotgun Collect 20 gun icons.
Stamina upgrade You get a stamina (adrenalin) upgrade every 10 stamina icons you collect.
Having racing cars drive the streets Finish the mission "Steal the wheels"
Having a bike spawn in the Bull Ring Finish the mission "Kill The Bull".
Dual Pistols Collect 10 gun icons.
Being able to play as Ram's brother Finish the mission "The Father".
Being able to play as Ram (The main chracter) Finish the mission "The Good Son".

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